Jewelry CAD Modelling

Intriguity Cad on Demand provides customized cad modelling services for jewelry designers, retailers & manufacturers. Based upon the data provided by the customer, our Cad team based in Mumbai will produce a 3D model using CAD Modelling. The model will be rendered to give a realistic feel that can be further used for marketing and communication purposes.

Our Cad modelling services are unique in a way that we focus on the customer requirement rather than offering something ready made. Customization is the key to products today. In an era where customers are buying even shoes which are customized to their requirement, jewelry is much more personalized and luxurious to be added to a shopping cart online. Hence, it requires uniqueness that can be only offered through customization.

We can design simple to complex models like engagement rings, pendants, cocktail rings, graduation rings, earrings, textured patterns, abstract designs, human and animal figures.

Our endeavour is to give our customer the best possible solution for 3D Jewelry modelling in the fastest turnaround time. Our turn around time is 24 to 72 hours depending on the design complexity.

We have successfully designed 3000+ cad models for jewelry manufacturers across US, Australia, UK and Europe.

Our company has designers with extensive experience in the domain of 3D modeling thereby allowing them to understand & produce customer models with a great deal of accuracy & aesthetic appeal. Our designers first try and understand your requirement in great detail & then send you a rough model for comments. On approval, the model will be finalized and submitted for approval. This entire process is made extremely user friendly. We have high end workstations suited for 3D modelling and the latest version of 3D modelling software.

All the changes are included in the standard pricing, so you don’t need to worry, in case your customer asks for changes.

The surface modelling designs like human/animal complex detailing projects are quoted based on design complexity.

Our charges 3D modelling charges are standard, this includes changes as well if any.Simple Models – US $ 35/- Complex model. – US $ 49/- We submit 3dm files, STL file (production file), 4 rendered image of your choice pose and CAD dimension images

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